Stop the Rule

Middle-class taxpayers are in for a rude awakening on June 9, 2017. On this day, the harmful Fiduciary Rule will take effect—significantly changing the way most Americans receive retirement savings advice.

Obama’s Fiduciary Rule is a 1,000-page government regulation created by DC political insiders at the Department of Labor. This rule has the potential to increase consumer costs by an estimated $46.6 billion. Though defenders of the rule have claimed it will raise the standards of advice given to retirement investors, it actually results in face-to-face financial advice being taken away from millions of middle-class Americans—replaced with self-help robo-advisors.

President Trump tried to stop this harmful regulation by asking for a delay and review of the rule, but career bureaucrats at the Department of Labor deliberately rebelled. Instead, they paved the way for the rule to go into effect on June 9th without a full review.

The Fiduciary Rule must be stopped before it goes into effect on June 9th and with our newly confirmed Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, there is hope. Tell Secretary Acosta to protect your right to a secure financial future and stop the Fiduciary Rule today!

Take Action. Stop the Rule!